Wooden roadblocks in action


A great defence against the horde


Barricades (currently only a wooden roadblock) are a useful feature, and additionally the first one that can be built. They are extremely useful at stopping zombies and cannot be broken as of July 9th, 2011. This may be changed as the game development progresses. Although they are unable to be placed directly next to actual buildings (due to balancing reasons) nor inside buildings, they are still very useful at blocking off sections of the map.

Wooden RoadblockEdit

Wooden Roadblock is a low fence built with planks of wood at a maximum length of 10 planks and a minimum of 3 planks. You start a game with some planks and more can be found by searching buildings. A roadblock has the appearance of two wooden posts (at maximum length) that are connected by a length of wood that bears what appears to be wires or holes of some kind. The graphics are actually dependent on the length of board you choose to build; i.e. there will only be a small sliver of the second wooden post if you only use 9 boards, and it will not be there at all if you use 8 boards or less.

(Other types of building materials and other barricade types may be added in upcoming updates.)

Player tipsEdit

-If barricading a street, fit as many 10 plank-length barricades as you can from one side to the other. Then, use 3 width barricades to plug up the gaps. You now have a relatively impassable barricade. Barricades cannot be linked together so there are always small gaps that zombies can squeeze through, so always keep an eye on any critical barricades. NOTE: Large masses of zombies have been known to squeeze each other through if they detect humans on the other side. To counter this problem you can do one of two things: Have someone guarding the barricade (Assuming you have enough ammo to repeatedly kill them all.) Or you can barricade it with more 3 widths, and attempt to make it as impassable as possible. NOTE: As of July 9,2011 no matter how much you barricade something, your people can always pass through.

-When barricading a house, focus on the doors. As of July 9,2011 windows cannot be broken, and therefore do not require barricading.

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