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Unless you're blind, in which case you should stop trying to read these words and do something else, you will have noticed our snazzy new backgrounds. They are one of many things I am overhauling about the wiki. Expect a new main page within the week. I am working on a new page template and badass logos, of course this will need work. I'll have to get all the existing pages updated with these new templates. Which is why I will be appointing some new admins soon. Keep up the good work and you could be one of them. Ostrich out.

Class 3 OutbreakEdit

Class 3 Outbreak is a real time zombie survival strategy game created by Binary Space. It allows players to simulate a zombie apocalypse anywhere that Google maps can photograph with a high enough resolution. It's still in a public beta here:

Control armed survivors, scavenge supplies from local buildings, and defend yourself against the undead!

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