We currently need:Edit

  • Experienced wiki users to help with layouts and the banners e.g. This page is a stub.
  • Grammar and spelling editors, along with all-around cleaning up of pages.
  • Custom backgrounds. (I am working on these, in the meantime try and find a placeholder)


  • Binary Space
  • Jay Weston (Finished)
  • Saxon Druce
  • Version History
  • Upcoming Features
  • Class 3 Outbreak
  • Zombie Outbreak Simulator (Finished)
  • Barricades (Finished)
  • C30 Map Editor (Finished)
  • Ammo (Finished)
  • Looting (Finished)
  • Buildings (Finished)
  • We need an Editor of the Week forum and a customised medal for winners of that title. Ranks need to be made as well.

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