Finding ammo is crucial to your survival.


Barricades are yet another important key to survival.


When you enter a building, you have the chance to search the building for supplies.

At the moment, you can only find two items while searching (or 'looting', as it's know to some people): ammo and planks.


(Main page: Ammunition) Ammo is one of the most important aspects of survival in Class 3 Outbreak. Without ammo, you can't defend yourself. If you can't defend yourself, you might as well jump into an approaching Horde. According to Saxon Druce, 40% of the buildings in a map contain ammo.


Barricades near a house.


(Main page: Wooden Planks) Planks are another life-saving object. With planks, you can create barricades. Barricades help protect a chosen location, cut off major access points, and prevent zombies from reaching certain areas. According to Saxon, 30% of the buildings in a map will contain planks.

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