Soldiers are one of the main forces in fighting zombies and rescuing civilians. This is only in the zombie outbreak simulator.They are dressed in military clothing. They enter the map by parachuting from a plane. They can be killed and turned into a zombie.They do not count towards your civilan count. They are the strongest human characters in game. They will attack any zombies near by and continue to hunt down zombies. If you zoom out they appear as dark green squares.

Trivia Edit

  • If they get on a helicopter they will count towards the civilian count on the helicopter.
  • Soldiers are the strongest human characters in game
    • Unless you weakened them in the settings
  • Soldiers are dropped from what appears to be a cargo plane
  • If you look closely when they die and turn, you can see that their gun disappear into the ground.
  • Once they turn into a zombie, their clothes will turn gray, the same goes for the police.